2015 Bible Believing Baptist Church
Bible Believing Baptist Church
"A Church With A Heart"
The Media Ministry takes care of all aspects of the technical
part of the worship services at BBBC

We operate the audio, video, photography, and PowerPoint presentations for all church services and events. 
We also produce videos for television and for anyone who requests one at no charge.
Here is a list of the videos we produce, a brief description of them, where and when they play on television,
as well as how to request a copy.

Sunday Morning Worship Service
This is the Sunday morning church service and it is shown on Gray Community Television Channel 2
on Time Warner cable in Gray and New Gloucester; Check the station website for times!

Redeeming Time
This is a daily devotional by Pastor Vail and is also shown on Gctv-2 Check the station's website
​for ​air times! They are also available on Utube at any time... (see link below)

To request copies of these programs, you can email the producer at bbbcmedia@yahoo.com

​​Please be sure to write video request in the subject line and please let us know which
​program and what dates you are requesting.  We also need your name and address for
those who would like them mailed and a telephone number where you can be reached
​for any additional information we may need.



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